Attorney-at-law and Trademark Office in Trnava was established by Judr. Andrea Cehláriková, in January 2003. The first year of its existence the office provided the services of commercial lawyers. According to changes in legislation of the Slovak republic it has, with the efficiency from 1st January 2004, changed to attorney-at-law  and trademark office.

The office has its seat in the centre of ancient (in medieval age former royal town) Trnava, which is situated approximately 50 km north-west from capital city of the Slovak republic - Bratislava.

The office provides legal services especially for entrepreneurs as well as for natural persons within western slovakia and also for clients from abroad, especially in the fields of civil, commercial and industrial property laws as well as general legal services for entrepreneurs.It cooperates ad-hoc with other professionals working in the fields of law, economy, taxation, evaluation etc. Such a case-to-case cooperation (not permanent presence of every professional) is held with the aim to increase the quality of the provided services (wider possibilities to choose the professional specialised in problems of certain case, not choose only from the employees of one office) and lower their costs.

With the aim to provide quick and if necessary everyday services to the clients the office created a "mobile office" using various modern facilities to be reachable wherever its professionals are.